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When Is The Air Force Birthday?

According to history, the interest in the aerial military came about after the successful first-ever flight by airplane inventors, the Wright Brothers, in 1903. When the military saw the promise these airplanes held in the area of security, they planned to create a special division for it. So, in 1907, four years after the first flight, The Aeronautical Division of the US Army Signal Corps was born. The division became the military’s aerial wing, and its primary role was ensuring aviation technology development. The Aeronautical Division also had oversight responsibilities for training military pilots at the time. The division made great progress right from its establishment and soon after had its first Commander, Captain Charles DeForest – a pioneering aviator with an aeronautical background from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  

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Women In The Air Force

Before equal pay and benefits became a global discussion, many women were unhappy with the huge discrepancies in how much they received for the same roles played as their male counterparts. As unfair as it sounded, it was the order of the day until things changed within the military, and women no longer had rank limitations. As an Air Force woman, you are entitled to equal pay and benefits just as your male counterparts. That includes retirement benefits, insurance, and educational opportunities while you serve in the Air Force. There is no longer the need to worry about becoming a mother while on active duty because the Air Force provides paid maternity leave. Another important benefit is accommodation provision for breastfeeding Air Force mothers to help them balance military and family duties.

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All About Air Force Special Forces

From incorporation to date, the US Air Force Special Forces continue to perform advanced intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance functions. Over the years, the Air Force has possessed cutting-edge technology that helps them perform various functions in the country and worldwide. The US Air Force’s mastery of guerrilla air warfare makes it critical to have state-of-the-art bombers, fighter jets, helicopters, spacecraft, drones, and other necessary aerial transport needed in emergencies. With these tools and resources, it is easy to understand why they gain control of the skies and are mostly successful in neutralizing enemy air defenses.
Another essential function the Air Force plays is to provide air support to the ground troops where needed. That is often necessary when transporting troops and equipment in places where these are required. In other words, the US Air Force works hand-in-hand with other military units to ensure smooth strategic operations. The US Air Force also provides critical support for manned space missions. Besides the physical aspect of the training, mental fortitude is highly focused on as it helps prepare them for the challenges they are likely to face in special operations. Special Forces members are taken through language and cultural immersion lessons as part of their holistic training, playing a fundamental role in operating in multicultural environments. Due to the combative nature of special operations, members are skilled in the following:

* jungle warfare
* air force operations
* urban and close-quarters combat

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First New Air Force One Plane Expected in 2027

It’s exciting when the presidential Air Force One planes get upgraded. The new Air Force One fleet will look similar to the existing fleet but have significant internal changes such as a self-defense system. In March 2023, President Biden approved a blue color that differs from the robin’s egg blue on current planes. Each new plane should contain a medical facility, self-defense system, mission communication system, executive interior, autonomous ground operations capabilities and power upgrades. The newer planes feature livery differences such as a deeper, more modern blue, a darker blue on the engines, and no polished metal section because it is not possible with more modern skin alloys. The new planes should remain in use for 20 to 30 years. The current fleet has been in service since 1989 with the first President Bush. Maintaining the existing planes has become challenging due to increasing maintenance costs, more obsolete parts and gaps in the planes’ capabilities. The new Air Force One should be able to make nonstop flights to just about every populated continent from the District of Columbia. For example, the president could fly without stopping to Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and other far-flung locations. However, the jet won’t be able to refuel in the air. Its nautical range should be about 5,900 nautical miles, less than the current fleet’s capabilities. (The current fleet allows for air-to-air refueling.) Presidents Clinton, Obama, Trump, Biden and both Bushes are the commanders-in-chiefs who have flown on the current fleet.

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Find My Nearest Air Force Recruiter.

Just enter your zip code or city below and get the address and phone numbers and find your local military recruiter. Find your nearest Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine or National Guard recruiter here. Locate your military recruiters nearest you right here. You may want to talk with each military branch and compare all the military jobs that are currently available and best for you!  Be informed! 

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Air Force Military Bases

Find Air Force Military Bases in US

Want to know where all the Air Force military bases are in the country? Just enter your zip code or city below and find Air Force military bases in America.  Also find all other military branches including the Army, Navy, Marine, National Guard, or Coast Guard military bases in the US here.  There are close to 500 military bases in the United States with at least one in every state. We are not the government and not associated with the military in any way, this is strictly a service to readers from We, at, hope you find this tool useful. Thank you. This search feature is to locate the nearest Army military base, nearest Navy military base, nearest Air Force military base, nearest Marine military base, nearest National Guard military base, and nearest Coast Guard military base.

Find My Air Force Military Bases Here.

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